Sunday, January 3, 2010

it bites

Ok a question, will love at first sight be replaced with love at first tweet/IM or email? It seems that in this day and age, more and mo people are meeting over the internet than in person. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking anyone, am just wondering if we have/are losing our way. There are all kinds of ways to meet people on line ranging from chat rooms to online dating services. With the advent of the Internet the old ay of meeting people locally or "friends" of friends has blown global, We see people with boyfriends (online) in the US when they are in the UK and girlfriends (online) thousands of miles away. Is this good? is this harmful? I'd say a little of both as to coin some lyrics

"the world is full of kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams"

. Many relationships work many more don't. Are the feelings the same? Yes I believe they are (unless one is a liar) it's the same as (online) friends, thy are just as much friends as if they live locally or you work with them or went to school with them. I've a lot of online friends who have been more friends that peopel I actually know, they have been there when times are bad, also when times are good. I still wonder if we are over stretching ourselves with romance online tho, but according to a Dutch friend (who shall remain nameless as he's the godfather of pervs) sex talk or cybering is just as good (lol) you get the emotions but not the actual touch. So who knows maybe I'm just out of the loop or maybe just too "old" school.

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  1. I have made many friends online, and they are as funny, real and supportive as real-life (RL) friends. For the flirting/romance online...well, that has happened too. However, for me it is unsatisfying after a while as I need physical contact. I think the lack of physical contact will kill most long distance romances if it takes too long to initiate.

    A. :)